We are ready to establish flexible and productive relationship in many ways to achieve best results:
- Fixed Budget Project
- Time and Material (T&M) Based Project
- Project-based Relationship
- Co-Development

We have several years experience in offshore development, that's why we clearly understand bottlenecks of that process. To minimize projects risks and give realibility and confidence to our customers:
- Members of our project team speak and read English, French and German.
- We provide to our customers contact information of the project team including work phones, fax, e-mails, mobile phones, ICQ/MS Messenger accounts.
- We provide daily or weekly reports including project status, task completeness, plan of risk mitigation, plan for the next day/week
- All stuff know organization and technical detailes regardig current offshore projects, so we defend ourself and customers from the stuff illness, absence etc.
- We propose progress payment schedule. First payment at the beginning of the project after signing of Software Developing Agreement and one or several payments distributed through the course of the project tied to major project milestones and sign-offs. Final payment with 30 days of project completion and acceptance.