Unilever SNG www.unilever.ru. Results of implementation of system for atomization financial-control processes – reduction of expenses; switch to electronic versions of documents; regional employees work with documents through a website of system; refusal of SAP module (with same functionality) purchasing.
  Investment company Financial Bridge www.finbridge.ru. Support and development of financial tools based in Internet technologies.
  The long-term project on developing of Polythechnical Museum' digital collection based on internet technologies.

Alfabet AG www.alfabet.de. One of a leader of IT infrastructure management market (ERP for IT). Key clients: BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Deloitte, Deutsche Bahn, T-Systems. i2Lab developed set of modules for Alfabet’ PlaningIT™ system

silevrsite www.silversite.ch. Web–based system for HR department of pharmacy company

ITlever www.itlever.net. Various offshore projects for USA companies.