i2Lab is software development company. Our main area of competence and experience is Internet/Intranet solutions and applications for mobile devices and embedded systems. We develop a broad range of projects from low-sized to most advanced complex systems.

i2Lab delivers full cycle of development from specification design to product support. By providing our customers with the highest-skilled teams and a cost-effective software development, we can ensure the quality and reliability of the solutions.

We seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients tailored to their individual requirements.

Our main Office is in Moscow, Russia.


In our view, innovation means combining technological solutions in novel ways. We search for non-standard solutions and welcome new ideas in our quest for the most rational route toward project realization while taking into account all requirements and limitations.

Our team

Our company employs professional developers and managers with at least ten years of work experience in high-technology fields. Our associates are graduates of higher education institutions and hold science degrees in information technology fields.

We value our IT professionals not only for their highly qualification but also for their ability to work as a team, creating an atmosphere conducive to the most original solutions and ideas.

Qualifications, experience of many years, and adherence to management methodology allow us to have confidence in the quality and dependability of our solutions.